Past Events

February 8 & 9, 2019
Variations on a Ghost & For You (premiere)

Take Root
Green Space
Long Island City, NY


June 1 & 2, 2018
Variations on a Ghost (premiere) & Gifts for the Void

caitlin+dancers & Kaley Pruitt Dance NYC Season
Martha Graham Studio Theater
New York, NY

Variations on a Ghost draws from the ghost signature fad that saw its height at around 1909, where a signature would be written in slow drying ink then quickly folded over to create a new image of peaks and curves. This new work will play on the duality of the folded inscription as well as the newly formed image. It will also layer in the idea of how a person leaves evidence of existence and individuality through their autograph, though when folded into a unique image, remains legally binding as an official mark of their entity.



March 18, 2017
Gifts for the Void

Charlotte Dance Festival’s Dance Charlotte
Duke Energy Theater at Spirit Square
Charlotte, NC



November 14, 2016
Movements in Color

Flux Factory
Long Island City, NY



October 26, 2016
Movements in Color

Happy Hour + Performance
Brooklyn Brush
Brooklyn, NY



October 22 & 23, 2016
Gifts for the Void (excerpt)

Your Move Dance Festival
DeBaun Center for Performing Arts
Hoboken, NJ



October 15, 2016
Movements in Color (premiere)

Queens Food Day
Socrates Sculpture Park
Long Island City, NY

This work is made possible in part by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.





August 7-28, 2016
Residency At Governors Island – Movements in Color

Governors Island
Nolan Park, House 7B
New York, NY



July 16, 2016
Gifts for the Void

Southern Vermont Dance Festival
Robert H. Gibson River Garden
Brattleboro, VT



June 24, 2016
Gifts for the Void

Drinking & Dancing
Gibney Dance Center
New York, NY



May 15, 2016
Gifts for the Void

Split bill with CoreDance Contemporary
City Center Studios
New York, NY

Gifts for the Void is a dance propelled by the idea of displacement: in movement, social context, and between bodies in space. Thrown into the realm of visual interest, Gifts plays with contrast, alignment, and communal effort. An original score by Michael Wall includes an intertwining of breath and instrumental substructure, creating a Lord of the Flies-type tension between dancers, sound, and environment. Gifts for the Void is a constantly shifting arena, moving fluidly between alliances and ideas.



March 25-26, 2016

Atlanta Dance Collective’s Spring Season
Synchronicity Theatre
Atlanta, GA



November 20-22, 2015
Only we are left

Commission for SAA’s senior class
Savannah Arts Academy
Savannah, GA



November 6, 2015

Nacre Dance’s So You Think You Can Choreograph
Proctor’s Theater
Schenectady, NY



October 23, 2015
hallowdance (premiere)

60×60 Project NYC
Winter Garden Atrium at Brookfield Place
New York, NY



October 11, 2015
Letters (excerpt)

DUMBO Dance Festival
Gelsey Kirkland Center for the Arts
Brooklyn, NY


October 3, 2015

Rite (premiere)

The Outlet Dance Project
Grounds for Sculpture
Hamilton, NJ



May 28 & 30, 2015

Brooklyn Ballet presents First Look
The Actors Fund Theater
Brooklyn, NY



May 2-3, 2015
Basement Dance (premiere)

All over WestBeth
Westbeth Artists’ Residence
New York, NY

Basement Dance is a site specific work complimenting the historic structure of the Westbeth building, and utilizing the bell-ringing talents of the audience to provide sound score.



April 30 & May 3, 2015
Letters (excerpt)

PMT Spring Dance Series
PMT Dance Studio
New York, NY



April 18, 2015
Letters (excerpt)

12th Amalgamate Artist Series
DANY Studios
New York, NY



April 7, 2015
Letters (premiere)

Under Exposed
Dixon Place
New York, NY

Letters is an episodic story told in reverse – the unraveling of an attachment between two people, invoking movement that spans from stark and simple to sweeping and highly physical. Inspired by war letters and a Southern upbringing, it explores the dying art of the love letter, and the vulnerability a letter can evoke that would not be a normal liberty in physical social settings. It portrays two people whose passions and sentiment that would be spilled onto a page, made visible.



March 15, 2015
Duet with Marion (1st WIP)

Gibney Showdown
Gibney 280
New York, NY

Duet with Marion is a solo exploration of femininity as it resides within the confidence/fire and fragility of the female form, working through gesture to create and disprove the everywoman. This piece is designed to perform intimately as theater in the round.



January 25, 2015
(WIP final showing)

Fertile Ground
Green Space
Long Island City, NY



December 14, 2014
Letters (WIP second showing)

WAXworks Fall Season
Triskelion Arts
Brooklyn, NY



October 25, 2014
Stranger story

Your Move NJ Dance Festival
DeBaun Center for Performing Arts
Hoboken, NJ



October 4, 2014
Letters (WIP first showing)

JTLDC Choreographer Showcase
The Norwood, “A home for the curious.”
New York, NY



September 12, 2014
Stranger story (premiere)

Triskelion Arts
Brooklyn, NY

Stranger story touches upon the fleeting conversation between strangers. It deals in the comfort and awkwardness of spilling your soul into the unknown and understanding that upon departure, that moment will be lost as if it never existed. Assuming that a stranger will remain so after parting, some can find solace in confiding intimate hopes and thoughts whose evidences will disappear along with a face. The work highlights two dancers who have met in the studio as strangers but have been expected to instantly open their souls to one another. Original score by Sean McVerry.



July 18-19, 2014
99 (premiere)

chashama 2014 Summer Performance Series
The Historic Falchi Building
Long Island City, NY

99 is an exploration on perspective for both the audience and performer. Set within individual glass cases half filled (or half empty?) with balloons, each dancer finds themselves in a slight predicament. What if the world around you was obscured and obstructed to the immediate focus, yet uninhibited where sight is not a luxury? The viewer will witness the performer evolve from half a body into a whole being.

*99 was made possible by residency support from chashama

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.29.17 PM



April 29, 2014
Stranger story (WIP second showing)

Gibney 890
New York, NY

Moderated by guest, Sara Procopio



March 22, 2014
Stranger story (WIP first showing)

10th Amalgamate Artist Series
Bridge for Dance
New York, NY